Vietnam is blessed with significant natural capital. The natural capital of Vietnam’s forests needs to be conserved for future generations. In order to achieve that aim we need participation from various stakeholder groups. We need to pro-actively identify the challenges and look for both policy and implementation solutions for forest conservation: i.e. scan the horizon for possible solutions.

The University of Exeter, UK and Vinh University, Vietnam jointly conducted a horizon scanning workshop on forest conservation challenges and solutions in Vietnam on the 21st of May in Vinh University. This workshop is part of a significant collaboration between both universities since October 2017. The workshop brought together a range of experts from academia (University of Cambridge, UK and Michigan State University, USA, University of Exeter, UK), NGOs (e.g. Pan Nature), government organizations (MONROE, Forest Department) and IUCN. This workshop is in continuation of a national online consultation exercise where 266 key individuals where invited to participate. In this workshop the results of the consultation exercise were discussed and experts were asked to prioritise some of the actions proposed in the survey.

The workshop was generously funded by Dragon Capital Vietnam as part of the Scriven Initiative. The scientific advisory body of this project consisted of Prof Brendan Godley, Stuart Bearhop, Annette Broderick, Dr Ana Nuno and Dr Nibedita Mukherjee from Exeter; Prof Trung Cao and Ms Thuong Huyen from Vinh University, Mr Viet Anh from ULB, Belgium and Ms Lan Anh Thi from Ghent University, Belgium.

Based on the discussions of this workshop, a summary for policy makers will be prepared and shared with the different government bodies to help improve the conservation status of Vietnam’s precious forests.

Some pictures:

Article and photos by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cao Tien Trung